7 Seater maxi cab

Book Maxi Cab Singapore is an ideal, quality, and spacious group commuter transport that comfortably seat up to 7 adult passengers with luggage.

Experience the pleasurable ride in our high-quality and comfortable 6 and 7 seater large taxis and big multi-purpose vehicles (MPVs) in Singapore.

Regardless of leisure or business our clean. regularly sanitized, well-maintained, and air-conditioned 6 and 7-seater big maxi cabs remain a favorite choice for businesses, travelers and locals, alike.

Our 7 seater maxi cab is a smart transport choice for big family units, business, and private events, groups travel, weddings, trade shows, and city tours because it is much economical and convenient and in addition, more fun traveling and commuting together in our maxi cabs as compared to taking multiple taxis or traveling in separate cars.

Chartering our affordable, efficient and reliable 6 or 7 seater maxi cab services to and from Singapore airport is a very convenient and cost-effective alternative because besides being able to accommodate up to 7 passengers, it also able to carry much more large luggage, boxes, and bulky items too.